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Solar Quick Facts

Here are the quick facts to keep in mind when purchasing a system with Ultra Energy.

Ultra Energy has a big focus on honesty and integrity. Assuring that your system is not only installed to the highest standard, but also ensuring you are only paying for what you truly need. Saving customers time and money is what we do best, with quick and easy quotes, consultations, and installations. Getting a quote with Ultra Energy can be done in just three simple steps, and our installations are completed in only a matter of hours. Should a problem arise, service calls typically see a resolution in under 48 Hours. Purchasing solar from should be a simple process, filled with benefits for our customers. Some benefits to keep in mind are as follows...

  1. Ultra Energy is a solar ownership program. As opposed to renting solar from a solar provider, with Ultra Energy, you own your solar from day one. This adds equity to your home, while helping you save on your monthly costs.

  2. When purchasing solar, you will also save on your monthly bill. These savings can range from 30% to 50% depending on the offset of your system. If you do not use power produced by your system, you will receive credit from your utility provider that will show on your monthly bill, this is called net metering.

  3. Along with saving on your monthly bill, you will also receive numerous tax incentive at both the state and federal level. Consulting you CPA about possible incentives & rebates would be beneficial.

  4. When you purchase solar from Ultra Energy there is no upfront cost. Any costs that may concur due to the installation or materials will be added to your monthly payment. There is no down payment or deposit related to purchasing with Ultra Energy.

  5. Ultra Energy offers some of the very best options on the market, from financial products to hardware, and everything in between. Ultra Energy offers products with some of the very best warranties and reliability records.

When purchasing a system from Ultra Energy, each and every employee takes a high priority in a job well done, you can rest assured you are getting the very best deal and services available on the market. With honesty and integrity, we help people live to their highest degree, the ultra way.

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