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Is Solar Really Free?

Purchasing solar can be confusing. With what seems like an endless list of companies all trying to give you "free solar". You might ask, "what kind of company gives away their products for free, where's the catch?" Today we'll examine just that, and go over everything you need to know to make an informed purchase.

So Where's The Catch

Solar is not free, however, your monthly payment for solar will generally be cheaper than your utility provider. Because of this, you will normally not have to pay any more money than you are right now for electricity. Thus, they say it is free. In some cases, depending on your systems offset, your utility provider will send you a negative bill. This means, you have used less electricity than what your panels are producing. Any electricity that you do not use will be transferred to the power grid, in which your utility provider will compensate you for that electricity. With programs like Ultra Energy's, there are no out of pocket costs due at the purchase of your system. During the course of your loan, your monthly payments will generally be 30% - 50% cheaper than what you were paying with your utility provider. This is a flat rate that will never change until your loan is paid off. Once your loan is paid off, any electricity produced by your panels is free for you to use. If you plan to move, these loans can be easily transferred to the next owner, without a lien on the home. Because you have ownership of your panels from day one, you have increased the value of your home. Depending on the system size, some clients have seen over $100,000 in value added to their home.


Unfortunately, many companies choose gimmicky sales techniques over simplicity and transparency. Ultra Energy is committed to providing solar the honest and simple way. With free, no pressure consultations to see the exact numbers of what a solar system could do for your home. That's just one way Ultra Energy brings service to the highest degree. Is solar really free? Not exactly, but it sure is cheaper than your utility provider. With ownership programs through Ultra Energy, making an informed decision that is right for you is simple and transparent, just the way it should be.



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