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How To Go Solar

The simple and free guide to break down going solar step by step.

Which company to go solar with?

Choosing a company to go solar with could be a daunting task. With the mind boggling amount of companies out there, all shouting how much they can save you, how little you can pay upfront, and how fast those panels can get on your roof. Choosing the right company really comes down to your needs, and what you look for in a service company. By asking the questions below, you'll be sure to find the company that is best suited for you.

1. Does the company I am choosing offer over 60 different loan options, with the lowest APR's in the nation and ownership from day one like Ultra Energy?

2. Does the company I am choosing install with no upfront cost, fast and easy with an inhouse install team like Ultra Energy?

3. Does the company I am choosing offer fulling customizable systems from roof shape to products like Ultra Energy?

4. Does the company I am choosing resolve their service calls within 48 hours, backed by some of the very best warranties on the market like Ultra Energy?

5. Does the company I am choosing have over 500 5 star reviews on google with zero complaints on The Better Business Bureau like Ultra Energy?

Maybe we have a clear winner here but we'll let you decide.


Choosing the right company can save you from many possible headaches. Once you choose the right company, the process of going solar with Ultra Energy looks like this.

1. Fill out our jot form located at the bottom of our "Get Started" page.

2. A representative will contact you to further assess your needs, in order to assure that we design the best possible system for your home.

3. A consultation will be scheduled. At this consultation, a free, detailed solar design will be presented to you. This design will include a detailed financial and energy savings analysis. Financing options as well as additional services like bird proofing will be discussed, and any questions will be answered.

4. After purchasing your system, an install day will be scheduled. We'll make sure all proper permits and inspections are completed. Your system will be installed in just a matter of hours, with little disruption to your daily life.

5. After the installation of your system, a commissioning day will be scheduled, in which your local utility provider will inspect and turn on your system. Then it is time to watch the savings roll in.

After your system is turned on.

After your system is turned on, solar panels require minimal work. An occasional deep cleaning will be beneficial, to assure your panels are running at optimal levels, for as long as possible. You'll have access to the SolarEdge app to track your systems performance. Many of our options also come with mobile apps and smart systems like the Google Nest to help your system run with greater efficiency. Should any problem arise, Ultra Energy is still right by your side with some of the very best warranty programs. Our service calls typically see a resolution within 48 Hours.

Our Warranties

10-Year Workmanship and Installation

- This warrants that your system will be constructed and installed in a good workmanlike manner. This warranty will extend for a period of 10 years from the date of installation.

10-Year Roofing Penetration

- This warrants your roof against damage and water infiltration at each roofing penetration point in connection with the installation of the system and the surrounding area. Repairs will be made for damage to your roof. Repairs or compensation will be made for physical damage to your property resulting from any water infiltration in the event of failure or defects in the covered roof areas. This warranty will extend for a period of 10 years from the date of installation.

Product Warranties

Standard Products


- 20-year product warranty stating, for 20 years the product will be free from defects in design, material, or workmanship.

- 30-year warranty on power output, which is loss of power relating to the initial guaranteed power output.


- 25-year optimizer warranty.

Optional Products

- For warranty information regarding optional products, visit the product manufacturer's website, or consult with your representative.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Any mishaps that may happen during the installation of your system will be taken care of in a timely manner, to the highest degree.

Moving or getting rid of your panels?

If you do plan to move, warranties are transferred to the next owner. Want to remove your panels? We will replace your roofs underlayment to assure your roof is returned to a normal condition. Your 10-year roofing penetration warranty will remain in effect.

Choosing Ultra

Choosing Ultra has been an honest and simple experience for over 5,000 happy customers, we look forward to adding you to that list very soon.

Know someone interested in going solar? Get $1,000 when they go solar with Ultra.

Live Ultra, Live to the highest degree.

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