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Why pay more for electricity?

You have to pay your electricity bill, so just like your cable or phone bill, wouldn't you try to find the best rate?

The rates of your utility provider increase an average of 3% - 6% each year. This means that, although you are consuming the same amount of energy, you will increasingly pay more. With our no upfront cost program, we simply set you up on a new monthly payment plan that is on average 20% - 50% cheaper than your current utility company. This monthly payment is a flat rate that will never change over the course of the loan.

No more renting power from the utility company, own it, and finally get a return on your hard earned investment. With ownership from day one, add instant equity to your home. Plan to move? The loans are easily transferable to the next owner, or we'll move your panels for you.

When you convert to solar energy, a federal tax incentive of 26% of the total system cost is offered. On top of your 26% federal tax incentive, each state offers a number of their own tax incentives and rebates. Please consult your Certified Public Accountant for more information regarding tax incentives.

With this extra money in your pocket, take that trip you always wanted, pay that bill you've been putting off, or save to do more. With Ultra, a brighter future is here. Get the rate you need to live to the highest degree.



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